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speaker Listen to George Ella sing her song PLEDGE, written for the Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Peace on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.


I pledge allegiance to the baby blanket
Woven to welcome new life in this world.
I pledge allegiance to the arm that reaches
To help a fellow traveler struggling on this road.
     I pledge allegiance to the hand that's stirring
     A pot to feed the hungry who cry.
I pledge allegiance to all whose witness
Says we can build a better world if we try.

I pledge allegiance to the earth, our mother,
To mountains, rivers, desserts, and plains.
All her creatures, sisters and brothers.
We eat from the same garden and drink the same rain.
     I pledge allegiance to the rooster crowing
     The old sun up to shine on a new day.
I pledge allegiance to all who labor
To understand and reconcile and find a better way.

     I pledge allegiance to the protesters marching
     or standing on this corner with traffic racing by.
     I pledge allegiance to all whose witness
     Says we can build a peaceful world, you and I.
     Says we can build a peaceful world if we try.

Peace is the Way

speaker Listen to George Ella sing her song
Peace is the Way.

George Ella performed an original song "Love Your Mother, Save the Mountains" at The Arboretum, State Botanical Garden of Kentucky (June 2011).

George Ella wrote an op-ed piece in outrage at Kentucky's suit to stop the EPA's enforcement of the Clean Water Act and make Kentucky a "sanctuary" for the coal industry.

Look for George Ella's essay "Blood and Coal" in Coal Country: Rising Up Against Mountaintop Removal Mining, the companion book to the powerful documentary film.

Songs for the Mountaintop

Songs for the Mountaintop
Kentuckians for the Commonwealth
$15.00 Compact Disc

George Ella performs an original song on this collection of songs by Kentucky musicians singing out against mountaintop removal mining and for a better future in the mountains. The CD contains 12 original songs in the bluegrass, folk and traditional music styles, all speaking to our love of the earth and homeplace, and protesting those who would destroy that.

speaker Listen to George Ella sing Just a Mountain.

"Songs for the Mountaintop clearly demonstrates how deeply the artists of Appalachia care about their homeland and culture. 'Protest' has been a part of folkmusic since long before Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie. This album carries on a great tradition that I am proud to be a part of." -- Michael Jonathan, host of Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour

Centre Peace March

George Ella (with long hair holding banner) during a college anti-war march, in 1970.

Public Outcry sings at the Capitol

George Ella (third from left) and the other members of Public Outcry singing on the steps of the Capitol on I Love Mountains Day, 2009.

It All Connects

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